The Details

Creative Process + Pricing

Christina and our nationally recognized design team curate approximately 20 wedding events a year, focusing on quality versus quantity. Highly advantageous for our clients, our philosophy allows us to ensure exemplary design, unparalleled attention, exceptional craftsmanship and creative ideas for a distinctive wedding event authentically their own. We craft weddings from small and intimate to large and lavish with the same diligence and enthusiasm — giving 110% to deliver excellence.

Artisan Approach

As a full service wedding design company we take an artisan’s approach for every aspect — creating fresh ideas that enhance your event. We know the details make a wedding extraordinary and therefore believe a limited number of clientele allows us complete dedication and keen awareness to every layer of detail in order to deliver a flawless event. Our meticulous nature allows you the luxury of stress free planning and pure joy on the big day.

Personal Process

Our collaborative philosophy ensures that each wedding is unique to each client. It begins with an interview that is very personal and attentive, absorbing every ounce of information about you and your wishes. We create a proposal, based on your distinct vision, with integrity at the forefront. Every request, nuance and detail is taken into account and formulated into an all-inclusive plan.

Once the plan and budget is determined, we begin the creative design with a blank canvas, crafting details devoted to your desires and dreams. We approach the plan in layers, so our clients are not overwhelmed but are involved to the level of their choosing. These layers also assure you that we are monitoring the budget along the way so there are no surprises later.

Our process is supported by honesty, transparency, confidentiality and steadfast communication in order to deliver a premium product to each client on budget and on time.

Impeccable service is not an option. It is our conviction. Because of the personal relationship we build with the client, our team knows what they need before it is needed. The day is yours, and the goal is flawless execution.


We charge a flat fee instead of a percentage. We focus on experience and innovation, not formula and routine. We believe a scale-based flat fee justifies our time, talent, knowledge, creativity and design for each meticulous detail. Since there is no markup based on expenses, we always have our clients best interests at heart.

For a complimentary consultation that establishes an outline resulting in a formal proposal, please contact info@christinabaxterweddings.com or call 843.749.2807.