Christina Baxter

Weddings + Events

At Christina Baxter Weddings & Events we cultivate, elevate and enrich each wedding by incorporating meaning and significance into every detail with a sophisticated, yet approachable, style. We are an award-winning wedding design team based in Charleston, SC and Washington, DC creating weddings throughout the Southeast. We meticulously craft one-of-a-kind wedding events for individuals who desire their wedding to be as unique as they are. Just as every brush stroke creates a masterpiece — we curate every exquisite detail from thoughtfulness; genuine in nature and client-centric, delivering a wedding experience to each client that is authentically their own.

Christina and her team partner with the finest vendors and craftsmen, while taking an artisan’s approach to designing an event. Paying meticulous attention to every nuance ensures the highest quality standards to deliver weddings that are revered by brides and awed by their guests. With the wedding couple’s vision at the core of every decision, Christina and her team select and custom-tailor details that perfectly embody the couple and their vision.

Authentic Experiences

Exquisitely Crafted

We enjoy the close collaboration with every couple to craft your vision of the perfect wedding that authentically emulates you; rather than mass-produced wedding events. As a result of our personal process, we create weddings that are one-of-a-kind, yet approachable and comfortable, delivering an experience our clients and their guests both love and indelibly remember.

At the helm of each event, you will find Christina Baxter, owner and lead designer flanked by a confident, professional team making sure each element is produced to a standard of perfection and quality worthy of her signature.

A Christina Baxter wedding is an exquisitely crafted, authentic reflection of the couple that becomes a cherished experience for all.