The Team

Under the direction of wedding innovator Christina Baxter, we are a team of passionate, style-savvy individuals, who are flexible as well as precise, and provide a dynamic approach to wedding design and production. We offer extensive experience, creativity and innovation, continuously pushing ourselves to create one-of-a-kind events. Our hand-selected list of innovative and reliable vendors maintain the same high standards for quality and integrity as we do. This combination with our team is creative genius.

Christina Baxter

Owner, Lead Designer

Christina’s natural design and artistic talent developed from an inherent creative pedigree from her artist father and fashion designer mother. With an upbringing enveloped in art and design, her discriminating tastes began developing during a childhood surrounded by culture and flourished from extensive travels throughout her life. Therefore, it is inevitable that Christina takes an artisan’s approach when designing a wedding. Comprehending the nuances and appreciating the artistry behind every element, she knows the layers of colors, textures, fragrance and lighting evoke all the senses, but more importantly they stimulate the memory of an unforgettable event.

Christina has traveled the globe for both work and for pleasure, during which she discovered another passion — the culinary arts. While in the gourmet and specialty food business, she gained valuable hands-on knowledge and a connoisseur’s aptitude of artisan foods and wines. It was a natural move to become the programs director for the American Institute of Food and Wine. There she planned high-end events with celebrity chefs such as Emeril Lagasse, Julia Child, Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Alice Waters as well as notable wine makers.

Christina Baxter profile picture

Before launching into the wedding event industry, Christina built a strong foundation for event design and management working for a premier catering and event production firm in Washington, DC. She managed large-scale inaugural white tie dinners, high profile fundraisers and galas, whose intricacies and demands prepared her to handle even the most complex weddings with finesse.

Christina’s passion for wedding design is evident through her exuberance, enthusiasm and thirst to produce fresh original ideas. She thoroughly enjoys every facet of her career. When asked about her favorite part of the job she says, “It would be the relationships I build with every client. Getting to know each couple in the midst of planning something so personal and significant, learning who they are as individuals and then finding ways to reflect that in their wedding design is very rewarding.”

Christina splits her time between Washington, DC and Charleston, South Carolina exquisitely crafting weddings, with sensitivity and passion, that become authentic reflections of her clients and experiences cherished by all. Whether it is the intricacies of a couture gown, a Murano chandelier or a culinary gem, Christina feeds her soul by learning all she can about the design, the craft, the people and the passion behind the art. Therefore, it is no surprise that her clients love every detail of their wedding crafted by Christina Baxter.

Dana Vaughn

Senior Event Coordinator

Raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC, Dana had an upbringing surrounded by entrepreneurial family members and small business owners. After moving to Charleston, South Carolina, Dana pursued a Culinary Arts degree and graduated with honors.

Her decade of experience with restaurants, catering companies, private clubs and a large hotel chain shaped her resourcefulness in all aspects of culinary service, planning, timing and quality. Dana’s background, along with her solid work ethic, bolstered her strengths as an accomplished logistical manager. Her persistence, superb orchestration skills and intense dedication make her the perfect complement to Christina Baxter.

Dana works side-by-side with Christina, through every step of the creative process. Mastering the fast-paced industry, Dana’s highly organized personality contributes to the seamless production of a Christina Baxter wedding event.

Dana has 14 years of experience in the event world and truly loves what she does. As she says, “It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of building a life-long memory for our clients.”