7 Things You Can Do in Your Pajamas While You Wait for Your New Wedding Date


Rest assured, even though venues and vendors are cancelling things short term, you will get married. Your dreams will become a reality and you will walk down the aisle. In the meantime, there are several things you and your fiance can do while staying at home, share engagement excitement and still celebrate your upcoming nuptials. 



1. Write & sign personal notes to all your guests for place cards.


  A handwritten note upon arrival at each guest’s dinner place setting will leave your guests touched by your sentiment.Using time to share your sentiment is something your guests will cherish forever.



2. Write your vows


While the landscape of life seemingly changes by the week, your true feelings and deep commitment to each other will only strengthen as you weather this period in history together. Focus on what brought you together, your future goals together and each other’s true character. 



3. Write your program 


This is an ideal time to put some extra thought into your ceremony program, who you would like to include and what components should be included. Once you define which elements are important to you, you can loosely structure or outline your plans down to the minute. Consider integrating your favorite faith elements, family poetry or even a family tree with the two you coming together at the bottom. This is also a lovely place to briefly explain your connection to the members of the wedding party.



4. R&D your signature cocktail!


If you’re having trouble deciding which cocktail(s) to feature, why not do a little experimenting on concocting them now! Do your research, think about some fun cocktails you have discovered together, or perhaps had on vacation somewhere or invent some recipes that include your favorite liquors or flavors. There are so many flavors combinations and creative cocktail ideas that the extra time will allow for you explore every option and have a little silly fun. As they say, if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Name it, garnish it, you got it!



5. Practice your first dance


Now that you’ve mastered the cocktail, why not turn the lights down low, and practice that first dance. One never knows, you might just find your inner Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers! It sounds simple, but coordinating feet with nerves, a dress and many familiar faces watching is more difficult than you’d think! With extra time to prepare, you might explore YouTube and its many basic dance sequences, or schedule a video chat if you’ve purchased lessons. Those rehearsal moments are sure to create some of your best memories. And remember, practice makes perfect!



6. Design a guest book 


Just as there are many options for first dance songs, seating configurations and reception music, guest books options have also grown significantly! Whether you and your fiance build a picture book, use a world globe for guests to sign their favorite place on earth, or an interactive and tech-savvy guest book, explore all your options. You might even come up with something new! 



7. Choose your music 


Regardless of the type of entertainment you select for your celebration, you should customize the musical selections with family favorites or songs with special meaning. For example If a string ensemble is being used for the ceremony, define your tastes for the musicians. They value feedback and will rehearse specific genres or pieces that fit your preferences. With a DJ or live band, you have options! Customize your playlist and make recommendations about “must haves.” The DO NOT play list is equally as important as the determined playlist. You may or may not want the electric slide, but even more importantly, if there is a song that conjures up feelings or memories you would prefer not to have on your wedding day, be sure the Band or DJ has this short list. 


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