Cool tips for Summer Weddings

Keeping it cool for summer weddings

With the summer wedding season in full swing, it is worth considering ways to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable, from the ceremony to your farewell. Following are a few fun and simple ideas, that will add style to your wedding, and make your guests extremely grateful.

Instead of large patio umbrellas, why not offer your guests colorful paper parasols. They come in a rainbow of pastels and patterns, and will not only provide desirable shade, but will add a lovely detail to your ceremony photographs.

Wedding Parasols

Or, you could choose to incorporate hand fans and placing one on each guests chair, prior to the ceremony. You can embellish them with a welcome message, or even print your program onto a paper fan, as a fun and practical keepsake.

Hand Fans for weddings

Also, be sure to keep everyone well hydrated. Offer a refreshment stand near the ceremony, and incorporate some different flavored non-alcoholic beverage, including herb infused waters, watermelon juice with basil, lemonade with fresh lavender, and peach iced tee, displayed in fanciful containers. It is also thoughtful to have plenty of chilled water by the dance floor.

Refreshment Station for weddings

Another idea I “borrowed” from a hotel I was staying at, where the beach waiter handed out chilled towels to the guests lounging by the pool, is to offer chilled towels to the guests following the ceremony.  They can be spritzed with essence of citrus, elderflower or mint, for a nice added touch. You can also offer little misting bottles with scented waters. Display a bucket of little misting bottles on ice by the ceremony area and dance floor.

Chilled hand towels for summer weddings

Keep the Hors d’oeuvres light and refreshing too. Celebrate the season by passing watermelon skewers with feta cheese, shots of chilled summer soup, canapés of cucumber and lobster salad.

Cold Hors D'oeuvres for summer weddings  For late night passers, offer mini gelato cones, boozy pops or miniature ice-cream sandwiches. Make it fun, make it festive, and most importantly keep your cool!

Cool ideas for summer weddings

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