A Cinderella Story

Once Upon A Time

A young man, while still in college, found a boot on his car. He went over to the DMV to pay his fines, where much to his surprise, a beautiful young maiden was at the teller window to take his money. Embarrassed and dumbstruck, he paid and left, without uttering a word. He wandered back to his dorm in disbelief that he had just laid eyes upon the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He dreamt the night away, figuring out how to quickly collect more parking tickets, so that he could return to the DMV, in hopes to find her again. However, the very next day, he went to a deli for lunch, and to his complete amazement, the blonde beauty was standing in the deli line, just a few feet away. He mustered the courage to speak to her, and even asked her to join him for their lunch hour. Three days and three dates later, without even knowing what he was saying, he told her he wanted to take care of her for the rest of her life. The maiden burst into laughter, but the story continues; ten years after their happenstance meeting, they married, and rode off under a full moon, to live happily ever after.

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I would like to thank the amazing photographer, Evan Laettner, for capturing these truly romantic images of Sam and Adrianne’s wedding at Legare Waring this past fall, and I look forward to working with you again, many, many times in 2017.