“I feel like this is the third wedding of the weekend!” ~ the Bride

Couples are adding a host of events to their wedding weekend with group activities such as golf outings, picnics, skeet shooting, oyster roasts, beachside clam bakes and Barbecues—all to share the joy amongst friends and family and create a weekend of wedding experiences for their out of town guests. At Christina Baxter Weddings & Events, we specialize in creating one-of-a-kind wedding events for individuals who desire a weekend of celebrations that reflect their personalities.

After a recent destination wedding, we overhead the bridal party say, “This feels like the third wedding of the weekend and the real wedding hasn’t even happened yet!”

Some wonder why offer extra wedding events? By extending the weekend and including additional events, it gives more time for the bride, groom and their families to interact with the guests and have some quality time getting to know the new relatives. We find that by offering these events, new friendships are often formed among the guests and by the day of the wedding, everyone has really gotten to know one another, creating a more relaxed, social affair.

And, in truly traditional fashion—it’s polite and fun. Guests, regardless of their connection to the celebratory couple, have invested in the bride and groom from lifelong friendships, emotional support throughout the planning as well as travel expenses and time away from work and family.

Many couples have chosen destination weddings to provide a mini-vacations for themselves and their guests. Others have large families and want to accommodate traditions and cultural experiences while creating memories beyond the ceremony and reception.

Most commonly, we coordinate an array of extra-nuptial activities such as:

A Traditional, Bridal Brunch/Luncheons

o   This usually takes place on Thursday or Friday and celebrates the women of the bridal party as a small kick off to the celebrations ahead.

Skeet Shooting & Picnic

o   For the group looking to offer an activity and outdoor picnic, this Skeet Shoot and Picnic delivered just that! The shooting provided guests the chance to share an afternoon enjoying a favorite family past time with a classic and catered hors d’oeuvres and a tailgate picnic spread.

A Traditional Rehearsal Dinner, accommodating all traveling guests

o   The rehearsal dinner is often a more intimate affair for the wedding party and immediate family. It can be a formal seated dinner and is an appropriate time for speeches that will not take place on the wedding day, which is typically just the Best Man, Maid of Honor and Father of the Bride or host of the wedding.

A Friday Evening Welcome Party

o   It is proper etiquette to offer a reception for all out of town guests. We suggest a welcome reception either before or after a more intimate rehearsal dinner which is often for just the wedding party. This can be a stand up reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres or a full blown Barbecue with music and lawn games.

After Parties

o   Sometimes the best way to continue the celebration is with a completely different style of event. Late night snacks, an outfit change or a favorite game/activity can take center stage as the clock winds into the early morning hours. 

A Farewell Breakfast

o   It’s always nice to offer a farewell brunch for guests. This provides an opportunity for thank yous and well wishes. We suggest making this a drop in affair with extended hours. Starting early enough for those who need to catch a flight and going long enough to allow others to sleep in after a night of celebration.

If we might offer ONE pro-tip about extra wedding events:

Be sure to provide a schedule with times, transportation and any other necessary details in your welcome basket to streamline guest information, so that no one misses out on all the extra celebrations, that can turn your wedding from a day to remember to a weekend never to be forgotten! We have organized these weekend events and have seen many new friendships between guests develop.

To explore the additional wedding event possibilities, schedule a consultation with our team by emailing info@christinabaxterweddings.com or by calling 843.749.2807.