Father Daughter Moments

No matter what, you will always be Daddy’s little girl. When it comes to your wedding day, he may be more sentimental and emotional than you may expect. Your nuptial celebration has been something he’s been looking forward to, and anxious about, for your entire life. So, we suggest you carve out a little bit of special time together on your big day. In today’s “Modern Family;” however, there can sometimes be family dynamics on either side of the aisle. The Christina Baxter Wedding & Events team can structure your wedding festivities to suite those dynamics with creative solutions to deliver a flawless day and celebrate you while considering all of the extended family members.

It’s 2019–traditional family structures are evolving and the modern dynamics attached to a wedding may require some management. Rest assured that our team can help. We are privy to many versions of the father/daughter relationship AND that stepfathers, uncles, family friends and grandfathers are sometimes patriarchal pillars of great importance. Sometimes, Mom takes on the dual role for much of your childhood.

Regardless of your situation, we encourage you to share your wishes AND those dynamics so that we can manage your day with all of these factors in mind. 

This month, we are sharing five topics related to inclusion of your dad, knowing that “dad” could be any of those important people in your life. 



  • Plan a first look with your father and cue the waterworks. Carving out a window of time — even just 15-20 minutes — after the bridal party is ready but before photos start offers quality time that will never be forgotten AND great photos. If your mother has helped you get into your dress and been a part of the bridal party preparations, plan a reveal with your Dad privately. If your mom is not a part of beauty preparations, including her with your dad for that reveal can make it even more special. 



  • Being Given Away. This heralded walk and hand off is perhaps one of the most built up wedding concepts for fathers and daughters. The walk down the aisle offers a father the chance to physically guide his daughter toward a new life and family. We are always excited to observe this exchange in its purest form. These actions become lifelong memories for all family members in attendance.




  • A Father’s Toast & Speech. In true wedding tradition, Dad welcomes everyone, recognizes the bride and groom’s families, offers a prayer or simply kicks off the latter portion of the evening with a greeting of gratitude and ground rules after guests sit down for the reception dinner. If there are multiple father figures to include in a wedding, the welcome toast at the reception offers a great opportunity to include another important family member. In most instances, the welcome toast is followed by the Father of the Bride’s speech, though it could also take place later in the evening but before the other speeches begin.


  • The Father Daughter Dance. Perhaps you’ve shared a favorite song from childhood or want to creating a non-traditional dance with your dad. Whatever you choose, we recommend making the song selection and dance styles, rehearsal and planning a collaborative process. If you live don’t live in the same city as your dad and you both fear you have two left feet, find a dance studio in each city that will give you some basic training and rhythm or full choreographic support to prepare for the lauded “Father Daughter Dance.” Unless both the bride & father of the bride are former (or current) professional dancers, rehearse together in the days leading up to the wedding.


  • Send a thank you letter. No, not just the canned wedding thank yous with a cute photo from your festivities. Dig deep and communicate your feelings and gratefulness for love and support you received over your wedding weekend. Your parents may have traveled, planned intensely or afforded other family and friends to be there to celebrate you. You may never know the lengths your dad went to for someone to be present. A handwritten, heartfelt letter to each or both your father and mother is something they will cherish forever after a weekend of incredible experiences. 



If you are ready to take the next steps with your wedding and involve a planner to help you navigate family dynamics and create unique, special moments with your parents, contact our team today by calling 843.749.2807 or visit ChristinaBaxterWeddings.com