Wedding Planners: Modern Magicians


“Full service” wedding planning means our team will manage every detail of your wedding celebration, even the ones you didn’t know existed. This might sound like a given; however, there are some bonus services included in our planning process that deliver your most perfect wedding weekend. We go above and beyond the mechanics to become the magicians that orchestrate each wedding elements in flawless fashion. There are some specific support services we recommend considering when selecting a full-service planner. Review our short list and read more about some of our specialties that set us apart!


Luxury Services


1.     Develop Design Elements

Our sketches and design boards come to life as we customize each detail about your experience. Our initial consultation becomes the dream vision. From there, we explore your ideas and marry them with our execution experience to produce the magic.


2. Qualify Potential Vendors

It is our job to work with the many vendors involved in your celebrations. We carefully select vendors based on experience and past collaborations. We pride ourselves on building the best vendor teams based on your wishes and our experience.


 3. Schedule Your Wedding Meetings

The beauty of a full-service planning? Coordination with results.  We know you are busy with your life outside of wedding planning, so we take on coordinating all of your vendor meetings around your schedule. We will book, attend and manage the calendar as one of the luxuries. It’s like having your own personal assistant for everything wedding related. 

4. Offer Etiquette Advice

Whether you need assistance deciding how to have invitations addressed or navigating the seating chart, we are knowledgeable on proper etiquette standards that both appease family members and provide a polite and professional approach to any task.


5. Sending Invitations

Our team mails your invitations to ensure their best delivery. With the variety of invitation suites and many embellishments available, the mailing process can be complicated. We make sure everything is handled  with our white glove service. 


6. Managing Your Wedding Website

Websites are a great way to inform guests of all of your wedding events and accommodations as well as thing to do, your love story and even some fun facts about you and your wedding party. If website design feels overwhelming, our team will manage the site, adding the details you wish to share to your guests.


7. Develop a Seamless Timeline. 

There is a lot to schedule on your wedding day, from the girls starting in the morning with hair and makeup to the guys attending a luncheon, and scheduling family and wedding party photos. This is all before the guest arrival, the ceremony, meal service, your first dance, sunset photos, toasts, cake cutting and your grand exit. Developing this timeline is critical to maximize enjoyment and minimize stress for all involved. 


8. Manage Wedding Finances and Payment Schedules 

We define budgets from the start to stay on target. This can be a source of much frustration; however, we operate with a flat rate and establish financial parameters so as to not create any late planning surprises.


9. Ensure No Moments Get Missed

We pride ourselves on every detail. From the right lighting for photos to moments with family members, our wedding day coordination incorporates time for you to enjoy each nuance and emotion.


10.   Coordinate Your Grand Exit

After a long day of celebrating, the grand exit serves as your finale. Our team stages your planned exit with a wink and a nod to the other details of the day.


Our full-service extras.

1.  Enhance the Guest Experience

Because we specialize in destination weddings, we have watched wedding parties and their guests make the most of a celebratory weekend. Our team has planned many additional weekend festivities to encourage camaraderie before and after the wedding celebrations. Some of our favorites include skeet shooting outings, picnics, bridal brunches, welcome events and private tours for local attractions.


2.  Offer Fashion Input & Expertise.

We carefully design and build each detail from selecting floral color palettes to advise seasonable and appropriate attire for destination locations. Our team can make suggestions grounded in experience. While the celebrated couple and guests may not experience the magic of a weekly wedding, it’s what we do. Many of our weddings have consulted our fashion sense and experience expertise to offer something that is both unique and oh-so chic.


3. Track Your RSVPs.

With family responses, traveling guests and local folks attending your celebration, we will collect and track your RSVPs. 


4. Smoothing any ruffled feathers with family.

Weddings are stressful with strong opinions and family dynamics. Navigating emotions and opinions is an artful act. While we never anticipate issues amongst family members or the wedding party, our team stands ready to intervene, keep the peace, or brooch difficult topics in a neutral, yet supportive way.  


5. Help Orchestrate Wedding Photos

a.     We work with your photographer to choreograph the photo schedule so it coincides with the simultaneous events. We know you cannot be in two places at once, so we are sure to capture all of the personal moments such as the brides reveal to her family and maids, first look with dad, portrait session, family photos and that magnificent sunset–all without missing out on the festivities of your cocktail hour and reception. 

Our team will provide the luxury of stress free wedding planning with unparalleled experience. Call 843.749.2807 or email to schedule a complimentary consultation about our full-service planning services.