10 Personal Touches to Send Your Wedding Over the Top



While every wedding carries personal meaning and special significance, there are some ways to add a little extra WOW to your festivities through small details that make a big impact and impress your guests. At Christina Baxter Wedding Events, we pride ourselves on focusing on the “little things” that can send a wedding over the top and remain true 


These are our top 10 tips to make your wedding spectacular. 


1. A Pre Ceremony Champagne Bar

As guests arrive, whether on waves in busses, trollies or individually, a few sips of bubbly upon arrival kick off the festivities, invite a smile and honor the guests. It’s also a great way to encourage conversation between early arrivers and other guests and family members. Monogrammed glassware can add another layer of thoughtful detail to the guests’ first experience at the ceremony. 



2. Unique Music

Music is an integral part of a wedding ceremony. Traditional string ensembles, bands and DJs perform well for large gatherings, but why not raise the bar? If there is a song that is extremely personal to the celebrated couple, consider bringing in a gospel choir for the ceremony’s recession. Or, surprise your guests with a special, eclectic musician for either a first dance or to start the party on the dance floor.



3. Unique Guest Book

Guest Books come in all shapes and sizes as creativity runs wild. Remember the guests who joined the weekend’s events with something totally different like a caricature artist! In a recent wedding, the artist created cartoon-like images of the guests and then collated them to share with the bride and groom after their celebration. The caricature can also serve as a creative party favor to commemorate the experience.



4. Creative Escorts Card Displays

Creative escort card options offer an opportunity to integrate things about the celebrated couple into a formerly mundane component of a reception. Some of our couples have included something simple and personal on the escort card like something about a guest’s hobby or profession. Other weddings have used consumable escort ‘cards’ such as miniature tequila bottles with the name and table assignment tied onto the bottles’ neck to invite a lively evening ahead. Another creative escort recommendation takes the “stuff” out of the equation and offers an escort attendant or concierge to the guests. In this instance, the attendant personally seats the guests in the most formal of fashions.



5. Interactive Reception Activities 

In a time when photo booths are expected, we elevate reception activities when couples look to create unique experiences during their reception. We have hired fortune tellers. Other times we had the officiant stay on and offer a Vow Renewal Booth for other guests to celebrate their unions. One of the most unique interactive reception activities we have facilitated has been a “tattoo artist” who set up a station and created faux tattoos to the guests. The latest craze is a “Glam Station” where the guests can get their hair and makeup refreshed throughout the evening.


6. Spicing Up the Dance Floor

There are several ways to spice up the dance floor. One of our go-tos? The addition of smoke, fog to be pumped onto the floor to create a surreal dance floor experience. Other dance floor ideas might include a special performance by the wedding party.  It always adds an extra bump of energy to hand out festive LED party favors such as glow in the dark tambourines, even the band joined in adding the tambourines to their stage show. Whatever our couples select, we are sure to add “action lighting” to the dance to turn up the energy after dinner and get the party going. 


7. Personal Touches 

Adding a handwritten note to each place setting or on each escort card makes it personal. The guests will cherish the thought and feel your gratitude for celebrating together. If time permits in your planning, it’s worth the time to remember each guest with a short message.


8. The Sweetest Dessert Surprises

For couples with a sincere sweet tooth, there are many ways to jazz up the dessert presentation. Whether you are serving plated desserts or cotton candy, a unique dessert experience is always welcome. Some of our favorites include A Dip Your Own Ice Cream Stick Bar or a Donut Bar!


9. A Special “Man Cave”

As guests take a break from dancing or dessert, offer a special men’s experience. We love adding a Cigar Bar complete with a cigar roller, who provides freshly prepared cigars for guests’ enjoyment. Another trendy mens experience might include a bourbon bar with rare, very old bourbons, whiskeys and rye to raise a glass to the newlyweds. 


10. Grand Exits 

We aim to leave guests speechless by crafting an exit that is true to the newlyweds. While classic cars and sparklers are becoming more common, we help our couples think outside the box about their best, grand finale for the wedding celebrations. Recently, we have engaged a “Smoke Bomb” and Confetti Shower to send the celebration over the top as the guests exit.


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