Wedding Planning in 2021 & Beyond


While weddings around the world came to a screeching halt, exciting engagements and wedding planning didn’t skip a beat in 2020. As packed wedding schedules start to emerge in 2021, 2020 couples who rescheduled join those newly engaged in 2020 in a challenge as they scramble to find venues, available dates and vendors.

Three key considerations when planning amidst a pandemic

Be Weary of Planners Booking Dates in 2021
One of the questions we get asked the most is “how many weddings are on your calendars in a given year? Or in a specific month?” Savvy couples and their families will ask this question to make sure their celebration stays a priority and will ensure continued support if plans must change. After the hardships of 2020, many wedding planners are filling their calendars to make up for lost revenue and time.


At Christina Baxter Weddings and Events, our team is digging our heels in to give each of our 2021 brides our full effort and even attention to detail. We are not going to try to make up for 2020’s losses and jeopardize the quality of our service.


Vendor Availability
We maintain relationships with exceptional vendors but also constantly seek additional resources. Just as there are only so many venues, there are only so many vendors. Their inventory and availability has only become more limited as the pandemic has continued, weddings have been rescheduled and some companies are trying to fit two years worth of events into 2021.

Our professional agility and creativity help us develop a clear path forward as things are forced to continually shift and change so that we can deliver a pristine wedding. The team at Christina Baxter Weddings and Events feels that we owe it to the couples and their families to hold their hands and walk them through these challenging times.


Rescheduling is No Easy Task
The amount of time and energy necessary to coordinate changes is significant. It begins with efforts to seamlessly pivot and manage the series of changes required for 10-20 vendors, hotels and reservation blocks, invitation reprints, website updates and venue changes. Unfortunately, sometimes a change in venue requires a full redesign, updated guest counts and acceptance of Covid policies.

While some planners charged change of date fees, we did not! If a wedding must be canceled or rescheduled, we step in to navigate changes to fees structures and contractual obligations.

In the end, the long road is often better than the shortest path forward. Our couples have been through enough already. We are here to help make the path forward easier and enjoyable–not more stressful and difficult.

At Christina Baxter Weddings and Events, we are committed to each of our 2021 weddings and are driven to bring together the years of effort and excitement, even if it’s a year later and with different scenery, to deliver something truly authentic and exceptional.

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