Diversity in Design

Just like your love story, no two weddings are the same–even if they use the same venues.

While there will always be limited venue availability, the opportunities for creative customization are endless. Our team at Christina Baxter Weddings & Events does not apply a signature look to every wedding we design. Instead, we go one step further and marry our clients’ style and aesthetic goals with our experience to develop an authentic reflection of our couples through thoughtfully curated details and design.

Each of our weddings, that take place at a popular wedding venue, boasts diversity in design and variations on the theme. We are driven to remain true to the celebrated couple’s style and wedding dreams while we work our magic in the background to create unique ceremony set ups, cocktail hour and reception experiences.

Our process begins with a consultation and conversation about the engaged couple’s wedding visions, allowing them to dream big and put every idea on the table. From there, we lean in on elements the bride and groom deem “a must have” and go to our drawing board as we put the pieces together.

Our team generates ideas that highlight the couple and their personalities. Together, we review the opportunities and then seamlessly weave their wishes into various aspects of the day.

More often than not, I find myself telling my clients that they are my inspiration. With over three decades of event coordination experience, my team and I have seen it all. As we observe passio and outside the box ideas, we strive to make each element of our couple’s visions realities, delivering something spectacular and creating lasting memories. 

For example, these photos, side by side, show just how differently design can transform one wedding to the next.

Ceremony Set Up

The Bride’s Bouquet

Table Setting

Tent Design

Bridesmaids Dresses

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